Finding Happiness and Avoiding Pain

Without exception, every human being is trying to find happiness as they understand it and to avoid pain… all cost!  I know I sure was.  In fact, I tried to do this in every conceivable way!  Drinking, until I was full blown alcoholic, marriage, I tried it 5 times! Children, 3, sex and more sex that left me so empty there seemed nothing could fill the crevasse within me.

My childhood was filled with abandonment, death of loved one’s, foster homes, and loneliness, that I could not escape! I tried religion, catholic, christian faiths of all sorts, Scientology, Psychology, Psychiatry.  All left me wanting more!

I found Yoga Meditation when I was about 24 years old.  But with all the addiction and mental turmoil within me I could only hold on to it for about 6 years.  Then the addiction of alcoholism took me for a 10 year ride wherein I lost my children and every joy and relationship. 

After “coming to” for the last time in Feb. of 1991, I slowly climbed my way up by the Grace of the Divine that I did not understand. But I was finely willing to go to and ask for help and follow that help to the best of my ability.

After 17 years of staying grateful for the gift that had been given me and seeing what destruction the ego in the form of addiction can do, I was once again able to begin a regular routine of Meditation.  Twice a day, every day for the next 2 years.

Now, the Divine was shining through me and in me in a way I only dreamed and hoped was possible!  Then a faith began to grow within that nothing nor no one could disturb or shake!  Love for the Spiritual Life had reawakened and I have been on fire ever since.

The happiness I sought….I experience everyday, within me and all around me. The pain I tried to avoid, does not even exist for me anymore.  There is true forgiveness and fear of all things is no more.

Finding Truth, means experiencing the only reality there is……God… all there is!  The moment I turned my face in the direction of the Sunlight of the Divine, It responded.  Responded in the most loving, giving, generous way.  I am loved from within always.

This is just a taste of what we ALL can experience.  All we need to do is have the sincere interest and willingness to put forth a little time in “listening” for our Beloveds Answer to our prayers!

In Divine Friendship,